Letter to the Editor: Zip Lines Continue to Garner Big Followings Worldwide

Zip Lines Continue to Garner Big Followings Worldwide
Vice President, Los Alamos Entrepreneurs Network
Nearly one year ago, the Los Alamos Daily Post was so gracious as to publish an opinion piece I wrote on how Los Alamos might [try-try-try] to diversify its economy for more tourism, using something my wife and I had seen on a 3.5 month “off the grid” soiree through six countries in Southeast Asia: Zip Lines.
It looks like zip lines are becoming increasingly bigger attractions, courtesy of this story (July 5) on Fox News http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2013/07/05/world-15-craziest-zip-lines/.
I still contend Los Alamos has some truly unique locations … in all of New Mexico … to place these.
Much of this depends on where we want the county to go. Our overall population is down >3 percent since 2000 and by 2020, the median age will be above 50, making Los Alamos County the first or second oldest municipal entity in the state. This has not gone unnoticed outside the county.
The current window of opportunity until then will be the absolutely last opportunity to turn things around. And that will not be accomplished with the same old thinking.



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