Letter To The Editor: Yet More Reason To Worry About Government In Los Alamos

Los Alamos

If the state law regarding who has the authority to hire and fire deputy sheriffs is as straightforward as stated by Sheriff Lucero in the Los Alamos Daily Post story today (July 2, 2016), then the county administration and Council are grossly out of line.

I would hate for Los Alamos County to be hit by yet another lawsuit resulting from an inability to manage our county properly and according to the law. Let’s get the law straight. Whoever is wrong needs to publicly apologize to the citizens of this county.

Furthermore, if Mr. Burgess really said “…it is not his job to interpret the law but to do what his bosses – the county council – asks him to do,” then the County Manager needs an immediate history lesson. The Nuremberg defense, i.e., he is just following orders, is no good for me.

Let’s get to the bottom of this. The continuing saga of The Sheriff vs. the Council is getting out of hand and making this fine county look pretty silly.  The proper way to deal with this department is via the
referendum scheduled for this November, not via a poorly scripted coup d’etat.