Letter To The Editor: Would Local Establishments Consider A Few Ideas?

Los Alamos
Would local establishments consider a few ideas?
  • Encouraging people to bring their own reusable containers (ie. doggy bags, beverage containers, grocery bags and don’t forget about fruit and vegetable bags- these are available at our co-op to name a few). Maybe offering a modest reward (5-10 cents off or a coupon or a social media shout out)? Less waste, fewer costs = everyone wins. Starbucks is good about this with their beverage containers and Smith’s with their fuel points.
  • Offering disposable utensils on request instead of providing them automatically. For those who need them consider providing compostable disposable utensils. Several types exist: wooden ones (I love these because I can just throw them in my compost pile), bamboo kits are reusable and available at our co-op. These ideas also result in less waste and fewer costs.
  • Offering straws on request instead of automatically. Some people certainly need them for medical reasons but a lot of people don’t need them and every little bit helps. For those who definitely need them, how about paper or pasta straws or incentives for people who bring their own?
It’s not only about saving money and creating less waste. It’s also about being mindful of what we consume and how we can reduce our waste and impact on wildlife. Though a straw or a doggy bag by itself seems trivial, when you multiply it by the population of the earth, the waste is staggering. It is definitely easier not to think about it but not acknowledging it doesn’t solve the issue.
The co-op has made a great start in allowing people to grind their own peanut butter and I hope they will continue this path of creating stations where people can bring in their own containers and refill items such as liquid hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, shampoo and conditioner. The options are many.
When changes like this are suggested it is often pointed out that we don’t live near an ocean so protecting marine life isn’t much of a concern but we do have rivers, streams, reservoirs, lakes, and wildlife everywhere. It’s also about creating habits and setting an example. Most everyone has a younger generation family member inheriting this world. Why not do what we can to keep it nice for them?

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