Letter To The Editor: Why So Many Lawbreakers In Los Alamos?

White Rock

In the last week or so I have been visiting the pond area in Los Alamos to enjoy the area while eating a takeout from our wonderful restaurants.

During that time, I have noticed that more than 70 percent of the people are not wearing masks, not counting those who are eating or drinking food. 

Too many people, with too many running and screaming kids, occupy that space and do not even socially distance by the too short six feet! 

In a town with so many educated people why are so many breaking or ignoring the law with little consequence to them? We, educated people, do believe in science that tells us the minimum acceptable social behavior to stop the progress of this pandemic. We also believe in following the law.

I do wish that our local police department would send a few roving police officers to stop and educate these lawbreakers, and even fine those repeat offenders that keep breaking the law.

Thank you.


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