Letter To The Editor: Why Is County Hemorrhaging Money In Lawsuits To Former Employees?

Los Alamos

As I have said before, and concur once again with Doug Pippin and George Chandler, its long past overdue for our County Council to level with the public on why, exactly, Los Alamos County and our government insurance carrier have been hemorrhaging money in lawsuits to former employees, whether faulty personnel and policy rules or poor administrative decisions (or both) are at fault, and why the public continues to be kept out of the loop on what is OUR COUNTY GOVERNMENT.

I therefore have a modest proposal. All current Councilors standing for re-election, and all those running who are not incumbents, need to tell us how they will adopt a full sunshine policy in these personnel and
policy matters. If not, throw the bums out.

Mr. Chandler echoes the words of a past ACLU Director, Ira Glasser, when he states “In Government as in biology, sunshine kills the bad stuff and makes the good stuff grow.”  I could not agree more, and suggest that
this county government, if it does not let the sunshine in, will let trust in government walk out.

Roundabouts, indeed, will be the least of our worries. With a roundabout, the worst you can do is aimlessly drive in circles. I’m afraid we may be on a more straightforward road to somewhere, and as we know, some roads to that special place are paved with good intentions.


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