Letter To The Editor: Why Bother Taking A Poll?

Los Alamos

I recently took the poll regarding the “Art Mosaics” the County has purchased for the leisure pool. I say purchased as it is on the artists website as installed in the Los Alamos Aquatic Center. https://www.amandajaffe.com/art-in-public-places

The APP board is trying to be good stewards of the taxpayer’s funds yet fails to get input before they commission the works. Having them listed as part of the Los Alamos Aquatic Center, leads the public to believe that they are sold.

Los Alamos is unique in the different forms of water found in the region. Pools reflecting the morning sun or sunsets after a long July day, have more color and depth than the pieces defined by Las Cruces.

To find these scenes just look at the diversity in the daily postcards on the Los Alamos Daily Post website. One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) could be spent on art that distinctly represents Los Alamos and would not be subject to potential destruction by bored kids, or thieves that are never prosecuted.

Let’s say the APP Board decided to replace all the yard art stolen, and unrecoverable by the police department. Put the art out for public display at homes and business around Los Alamos, where it can be enjoyed by all, not just the members of the Aquatic Center.

How about we see how well the addition to the Aquatic Center is received, before we start mixing in very expensive art.

Perhaps the LA Schools could have the children of the community create tiles to be used in a community-based art display, or perhaps nooks with armored glass where pieces can be rotated through rather than a static display.

Art is subjective, and can only truly be appreciated when the noise and constant din of the daily activities are silenced, not going to happen in a kiddie pool, otherwise it is just decor and not Art.