Letter To The Editor: What’s The Matter With Our Nation?

Los Alamos

The Political Right claims to love America, so I have a few questions for them:

How can you claim to love America if you hate half the population?

How can you claim to love and respect life when you are willing to sacrifice American children’s lives for the sake of unlimited gun ownership?

How can you claim to love freedom when you oppose a woman’s right to control her health and her body or a person’s right to choose their gender identity?

How can you claim to love the nation when you support the overthrow of our duly elected president yet you cannot explain how Republicans on the same ballot as Biden got elected?

How can you claim to love the police and law and order when you encourage hooligans and racists to attack them and support traitors who conspired to violently overthrow our government by attacking peace officers?

How can you claim to love democracy when you attack the very institutions that ensure its continuation and you support both real and wanna-be dictators?

How can you claim to love your local schools and teachers for educating your kids, yet support banning books and attacking educators for teaching historical truths?

Finally, how can you claim to be god-loving people when you only recognize your own version of god as correct and try to force it on others or discriminate against those opposed to religious intolerance.

The Political Rights’ claim of love for America is false. What unites them is one thing – hatred! We’re told by some that we have entered a “soft” civil war. I hope that is not the case but if it is the only way to fight these insidious views infecting the body politic is with education, truth, compassion, and eternal vigilance.


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