Letter To The Editor: What Is A Banana Republic?

Los Alamos
What is a “banana republic”?
According to my understanding, it is a Central or South American country that has an unstable government frequently established by a coup d’etat. Venezuela is a current example.
This could never happen here – or so I thought. Our constitutional form of government with peaceful transitioning of government prevents that. Every two years, the people get a chance to change the government or in four years or six, in some instances. I thought we were safe.
Now comes the Democrat Party, which refuses to accept the fact that Donald Trump is the duly elected president. Even before he was sworn into office, the Democrats were calling for impeachment to remove him from office. Over the last two and half years the Democrats in the House of Representatives have tried through the Mueller investigation and now through fraudulent impeachment proceedings behind closed doors to find any excuse to impeach the President.
The worst, most egregious efforts were those of insiders at the top of the FBI and CIA who actively worked to give false testimony to try to establish fictitious stories as real information. These are people sworn to tell the truth and uphold the law and support the constitution. They did not do their duty.
Even today, the Democrat Party effort to complete their coup d’etat is continuing in the House of Representative’s Intelligence Committee (not the Judiciary Committee) in closed sessions. A fake “whistleblower” of dubious character and authenticity is the source of a undisclosed act the President supposedly committed and the reason to hold closed door hearings. At the taxpayer’s expense, the Democrats are trying to influence the coming election by using secret government actions against the public interest.
If the Democrat Party succeeds in illegally, in the face of the Constitution, removing President Trump, we will have become just another “banana republic”.
It is only a year before we have another national election. If the Democrats truly believe in the Constitution, they will let the election and the Electoral College decide the outcome. Let’s hold the effort of the Democrat Party in abeyance and let the people make the determination as to who should be president.