Letter To The Editor: We’re Unaware Of How Democracy Is Designed To Work

Santa Fe
Formerly of Los Alamos

Millions are ignorant and gullible, unaware of how our democracy is designed to work because it’s not required learning for ALL of our children.

Corporations are redefined as ‘people’ (multi-headed apparently) resulting in money, not people, as decider of elections while citizens are prevented from voting.

Policy becomes infused with fundamentalist religious positions, once again defining women as incapable, second class entities. A discriminatory governmental presidential election loophole is ignored by the Party it defeats every time it’s triggered. Media, protected from government control to ensure an informed electorate, becomes a Cult tool via Roger Ailes’ Fox, redefining opinion as truth, growing and spreading the concept unchallenged.

Politically, protecting the planet that sustains all life is optional, trumped by profit. While our democracy and the world go up in flames, the Democratic Party fiddles, seemingly oblivious to a dangerously undermined foundation.

Both Party’s ensure disaster by endorsing a US vs. THEM stance.


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