Letter To The Editor: We Urge Our Community To Reelect Stephanie Garcia Richard State Representative

Signed by:

  • Susan Roach
  • Kyle and Mike Wheeler
  • Ken and Karyl Ann Armbruster
  • June Fabryka-Martin
  • Ellen Mills
  • Shelby and Tony Redondo

Well, we are finally here. The 2016 election is drawing to a close, and we as a group wish to share our conclusions with our fellow Los Alamos citizens regarding what we agree is the better choice to represent our community in the State legislature. We urge our community to reelect Stephanie Garcia Richard for State Representative.

We believe that Stephanie is the most qualified person for the challenging job of State Representative. As a graduate of Barnard College at Columbia University, she could have chosen any career but she chose to became a teacher, following in her father’s footsteps. Her passion as an educator led her to enter public service to advocate for children and the people in District 43.

Stephanie Garcia Richard is an intelligent, hard-working, highly ethical individual who has done more for our community in her four years in office than any previous Los Alamos legislator. She has demonstrated repeatedly that she is an independent thinker and votes for what is best for her District.

She works with our schools, county, and community members and has a proven track record of being an effective voice for all of us. Our community has grown in stature and influence in Santa Fe since she was first elected.

We enthusiastically support and endorse Stephanie. We urge you to join us in reelecting her as our State Representative so she can continue to represent us.