Letter To The Editor: We Miss Los Alamos!

By Margit Mollhoff and Christian Forst

I just want to write a short note of how much our family misses traveling to Los Alamos.

About 15 years ago, our family used to live in Los Alamos. Both, my husband and I worked at the Lab and we raised our three children here.

Life happens, my husband found a new job in Texas and we moved on. Since then, it became a tradition for us to come back every year to visit friends and go skiing during the winter break.

Our children, who live and study now far away in California and Europe, always traveled the long way to come with us every year to meet their school friends and families.

We usually stay at the North Road Inn, and Cathy welcomes us every year and makes us feel like home again. We LOVE her breakfast and the nice atmosphere. We were hit the harder this year, when COVID changed all our plans and interrupted long treasured traditions… No traveling for us this year!

So, we really miss seeing the town, its people, our friends, the beautiful outdoors and of course the sunsets.

But that makes us even more determined to catch up and it gives us new strength to get going again. Yes, we will come back and already look forward to next winter to pack up our ski gear and visit our old home town again.

See you then!