Letter To The Editor: Voting Yes On School Bond Benefits Local Students, Teachers, Schools, Community

Los Alamos
As a parent representative of the Los Alamos Public School District Parent Council, I hear on a monthly basis what is going on in our school district, what the needs are from each school and how, as parents and a community, we can step forward to make a difference.
School buildings are in need of renovations to improve existing infrastructure. In years past, Los Alamos has had matching funds from the state. Currently, there is no money from the state.
In addition, the state is cutting the current budget in 2017 by $39 million. It will be decided where the $39 million will be cut from during the January legislative session.
Los Alamos Public Schools is seeking approval for general obligation bonds valued at about $13 million. A “yes” vote won’t raise the current tax rate. There will be no impact. However, a “no” vote will have consequences.
The maintenance of school facilities will take place anyway. Repairs are necessary because of sewage and plumbing issues and HVAC repair. A “no” vote will then place a burden on the school’s current budget. This could possibly mean having less money for teacher salaries. Because of a close watch on the budget, Los Alamos has not had to have layoffs as other New Mexico School Districts have. But a “no” vote could very well ensure that happening.
Strong public schools are one of the corner stones of a successful community. Los Alamos invests in things that matter, our kids and education being high on the list.
There is an established link between good schools, a vibrant local economy, real estate values and a strong work force.
Los Alamos relies on a strong school system to help LANL, local government and local business attract new and retain existing employees. When you receive your ballot Jan. 3, please consider checking YES for the bond. It benefits our students, teachers, schools and our community.

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