Letter To The Editor: Voters … Now Is Your Chance


Los Alamos
I applaud Mr. Khal Spencer’s letter to the editor concerning the four council members with their NO vote for an independent audit. As the old saying goes, “Where there’s smoke, there’s a fire”, and what I, like Mr. Spencer and others, would like to know is, “why the no vote?”, do we have a fire deep within our county?

I know the money spent on the past law suits by us, the county, were paid for by our insurer(s), but we pay the insurance premiums, and at last reported our insurance premiums had not gone up due to these insurance settlements of millions of dollars. How long will this last?

I do have a concern about insurance policies that I would like to compare in very elementary and general language. As most automobile owners know, we cannot continue to keep having auto accidents and claims for damages over and over and having our insurance companies to continue payments for our claims, before we get the inevitable notice that our premiums are increasing. If you are like me, when I get increases in premiums, etc., I question the reasons for them. You got it! … too many claims.

That said, for an example, when we, the county gets its notice, will we as tax payers be apprised of the cost increase and reason? Is this information also not printed/divulged for all who desire to see where and why our cost of county government continues to rise? Is this part of the reason for the NO vote? Why do we continue to avoid an independent agency to audit our books/policies etc.? Are we afraid what will turn up? Hum?
Voters … now is your chance, consider those who support open, up front and honest run county government. It may be financially, a good move for all of us in the future.