Letter To The Editor: Vote Yes On School HB33 Mill Levy

Los Alamos School Elections Committee

In January, Los Alamos voters will have an important opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to education when mail ballots are sent out to approve continuance of HB33 Mill Levy in support of the Los Alamos Public Schools. 

Approval will NOT increase property tax rates, but WILL provide over $13 million across six years for student technology and network infrastructure as well as funds for musical instruments, athletic supplies and equipment, heating and cooling projects and restroom upgrades for older buildings across the District, and general maintenance projects from roof repairs and handicapped ramps to improved PA systems and new fire panels. 

Without these funds, the schools would be forced to tap into operating funds which would deplete the resources available for paying and supporting teachers, who are critical to maintaining a vibrant learning environment for students. 

It is no coincidence that Los Alamos has both one of the highest median per capita incomes and highest levels of education in the Nation. The Federal Government has recognized the critical nature of excellent schools to support its national security science mission at the Laboratory as reflected in the $8 million of support the schools receive from the Department of Energy through the Laboratory. This is a unique relationship in the Nation. 

If we want to maintain a vibrant community and local economy and unparalleled impact on national security, we need to put our money where our proverbial mouths are and vote YES to approve the HB33 Mill Levy.