Letter to the Editor: Vote FOR UNM-LA. It’s Important!

By Chris Chandler
Los Alamos

I guess I jumped the gun…

Last week I started checking the mail  for my ballot. I quizzed my husband about it, thinking that he had accidently misplaced it. Voting to support the UNM-LA  mil levy is important, and I sure didn’t want to miss my chance. So I contacted the County Clerk. The ballots will be out this week, the week of Aug. 26. I’m glad that I called … better to be safe than sorry. 

UNM-LA is an important asset to the community. High school students, young adults and long time residents can, and do, enjoy the excellent course offerings. UNM-LA also partners with the Laboratory so that employees can enhance their skills.    

This mil levy is needed to sustain our local college. Look for your ballot and please deliver it before Sept. 17, with a vote FOR UNM-LA. It’s important!



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