Letter to the Editor: Vaccines – My Body My Choice

By Tara Mara
Los Alamos

Respectfully, I must take issue with the tone of Dr. Tom’s Letter to the Editor regarding the group of parents who met with their representative to discuss infringement of personal liberties.

The CDCs Recommended Vaccine Schedule is exactly that, a recommendation and I personally take their opinion into consideration before I make decisions about MY CHILD’s health.

The issue here that Dr. Tom fails to acknowledge is that this is not a vaccine issue but a parental rights issue.

No one is questioning the legitimacy of the vaccination program en mass or their personal physicians recommendations, rather the forced administration without the basic human right of refusal.

The government is not the parent of my child and therefore does not get to decide what medical procedures are performed on my child.

The parents and families present fo r the meeting come from a variety of medical and philosophical backgrounds regarding vaccinations.

Many parents there fully vaccinate their children but are still concerned about the loss of parental control regarding the administration of vaccines.

It should not be assumed that every parent and child in that picture was “anti-vaccine.”

The meeting with the representative was not a meeting to perpetuate an “anti-vaccine” agenda. It was merely a group of concerned citizens who felt that due to recent health department changes for the new school year, now needed the council of their elected official.

I object to Dr. Tom’s idea that we should not tolerate our elected officials meeting with their constituents to discuss their personal liberties.

Apparently Dr. Tom is quite comfortable with elected officials and panels of “experts” stripping away rights and making medical choices for us.

There should indeed be a standard of care that involves vaccinations but it SHOULD NOT be mandatory for every child.

There should be a process to object to the administration of vaccines if the parent deems that to be in the best interest of that child.

A parent should not be forced to make a religious statement in order to conscientiously object. I do not want to live in a country that forces me or my children to receive any medical procedure without my consent.

A basic human right to refuse to allow a foreign substance to be injected into our blood is at issue here. I feel like I am living in a dystopia science fiction movie where the government is force injecting us in assembly line fashion.

An extreme statement to be sure, but quite frankly, that is the reality of the vaccination program if we are unable to refuse.

As an American, I should be able to refuse for reasons of my own. The government can and should provide recommendation and that is where their control stops.

My body, my choice!


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