Letter to the Editor: Urban Park Pétanque Court Waste of Taxpayer Money

Los Alamos

Thank you, Gerald Antos, for your support of my comments about the county road work and spending practices. I have yet one more example I thought of this morning as I walked my dog in Urban Park

There is a new Pétanque court that has been built in the park at heaven-knows what cost. It’s used one day a week for one hour and I believe the largest crowd in attendance has been no more than 1-2 dozen at any given time – the larger number at a tournament. 

I know it took many weeks, many man-hours, and a lot of railroad ties and gravel to build. For the two-dozen or so people out of the 2013 LA county population number of 17,798 who know what Péntaque is, this is a marvelous facility. For the rest of the county, it’s an outrageous expense. We wonder to which council member one has to be related in order to justify this ridiculous facility and many others like it.

And why was a lovely green space wasted at the park? At least the United Way paid for the obnoxious signs for a “children’s activity trail” they posted at Urban. I know this because their signs are pure advertising at its finest. I have yet to see anyone use the trail.

Maybe a mass proctology exam should be conducted on the county decision-makers to determine where their heads are located.


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