Letter to the Editor: UNM-LA a Great Resource for Seniors

UNM-LA a Great Resource for Seniors
By Colleen Hanlon
Los Alamos

I am a believer in the value of education. I am going to support the upcoming UNM-Los Alamos mil-levy, and I have been encouraging the people I meet to join me in this effort.

Why do I support the mil-levy increase for UNM-LA, and how have I benefited directly from UNM-LA?

About six years ago I registered (at the $5 Senior Rate) to audit a class in Native American Film Studies. I was a little timid about who my classmates would be, and how they would feel about an almost 70 year old in their class.

Well, it was a memorable experience. We enjoyed each other’s perspective on the subject. It was a small class (six students). I liked that. But the best part was the instructor, who drove down from Taos each class day with knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to share with us.

I took other teacher training classes at UNM-LA, but it was my Southwest Studies class that my memories go back to.

Classes like Southwest Studies happen every semester at UNM-LA, where you can learn the skills and knowledge to earn a degree, or take a class just for your enjoyment of a subject.

However, these wonderful opportunities can only continue to happen if you take the time and the interest to vote for the mil-levy in the upcoming election. The ballot will be coming in your mail soon. Keep an eye out for it, and please, vote YES.