Letter To The Editor: Trapping Season Has Begun

Los Alamos

Citizens and visitors to Los Alamos County beware! The trapping season for fur bearing animals began Nov. 1 and runs through March 15. 

Law states that traps should be 25 yards from any trail or road but they do not have to be marked with a warning in any sort of way. They can be completely invisible. My dog was caught in one in 2014 in Los Alamos County. The trap was illegally set on a trail. 

Unfortunately New Mexico Department of Game and Fish was unable (or unwilling) to issue a citation. Our county council expeditiously passed an ordinance to ban them in this county. That does not mean you might not encounter one on Forest Service land. 

Game and Fish has not agreed to enforce the ban so please be aware that traps may be out there. Freeing an animal or person from one of these barbaric devices is NOT intuitive. Please familiarize yourselves with the mechanics of steel jawed traps and read up on how destructive they are by looking at the Trap Free New Mexico website: http://www.trapfreenm.org

Be cautious when you are out there enjoying our precious wildlife.