Letter To The Editor: Thoughts About Council Candidates

Los Alamos County Council
For those who haven’t yet voted – there are three seats open on the Los Alamos County Council, and six people running.
I personally believe that Council has been making good progress in town for the last few years, and I would like to see that continue. Accordingly, I would really like to see the two incumbents get re-elected – Steve Girrens and Pete Sheehey.
Steve has always been an advocate for youth and families and is a big supporter of the County working with our Schools. Having an excellent School system is critical to Los Alamos – to the Lab and to the vitality of the town itself.
Pete is hardworking and digs into complicated issues. He is well informed and working in the right direction on many of the issues I think are most important.
Two of the most important issues facing Los Alamos, I believe, is the current housing shortage – which is only going to get worse, based on Lab hiring plans – and how to best capitalize on having a new National Park in town. The housing issue can be partially addressed by Council if it choses to sell land it has from the DOE to developers who will build housing. I think doing that – and doing it in a thoughtful, fair and market-driven way – is critical to the future of this town. Same with smart investments for the success of the National Park.
We have two other great candidates running as well – Antonio Maggiore and Chris Chandler. I appreciate that Antonio was willing to take the spot I had earned on the ballot – that is a lot to ask. Antonio grew up here, runs a small business and would bring a fresh perspective. Chris is whip-smart, hard working, served on Council before, someone I respect greatly, and always wants what is best for the town. Both would do an excellent job on Council.
Please vote!