Letter To The Editor: Thought Point Of Planned Parenthood Was To Prevent Abortions

Los Alamos

I’m not following Krohn: I thought the point of Planned Parenthood was to prevent abortions by helping to prevent unwanted pregnancies. If some group has a disproportionate rate of abortions, relatively more effort from Planned Parenthood is needed, not less.

Krohn seems to think that Sanger’s concern for minimizing the burdens on a then-poor society translate today into an effort to promote abortions.

However, while now there seems to be an almost universal agreement that abortion is the worst method of birth control, without it being available, the individual freedom to decide is lost. That’s un-American until some dividing line is crossed. My impression is that Planned Parenthood works to keep such decisions as far in advance of the time of that conundrum as possible.