Letter To The Editor: The Realization Of Ruination

Los Alamos

I have been struggling!

…Really struggling!

For the better part of a few years, I’ve slowly been realizing, much to my horror, that I will likely never be appointed to serve as a justice on the supreme court of the United States of America. This is quite a blow to my search for meaning in life.

Ever since realizing my predicament, I have vacillated between feeling that life is ruined and feeling that maybe my sense of ruination is perhaps hyperbolic. But when yesterday I read that Lindsay Graham would not ruin Brett Kavanaugh’s life by voting against his appointment to that same court, I realized that my suffering is real. That my sense of ruin is the manifestation of the emptiness that any sensible person would feel at not being appointed to serve as a justice with Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Today, as I woke from slumber into the horror of a bleak and ruined life, I resolved to keep struggling, to walk forward, placing one foot in front of the other trudging towards some, as of yet, undefined meaning in a ruined life.   

But I find that as I contemplate the bleak, barren future, which is removed from any chance of serving as a supreme court justice, all I see is a desolate wilderness overrun with brambles and terrible beasts.