Letter to the Editor: The Irony of it All

By Chief MAC (Doug MacDonald)
Ret. Los Alamos Fire Chief

I understand the Los Alamos Government Review Initiative’s (LACRI) are in opposition of the proposed amendments the Charter Review Committee (CRS) has recommended to the initiative and referendum provisions of the Charter; under the premise that the proposed signature requirements of 15 percent and timeframes of 60/90 days for referendums/initiatives are onerous.

I find LAGRI’s posture troubling. In January 2010 I attended a public meeting scheduled by the County Council.

The single topic of the meeting was to discuss LAGRI’s petitions and one of LAGRI’s proposals was a requirement that signatures from 15 percent of the total number of voters in the last general election is needed for ballot placement and furthermore; the LAGRI petition set 60 days as the deadline to accomplish the task.

LARGI logic or lack thereof, escapes me, – if LAGRI finds the CRC 15 percent and 60/90 day language objectionable, why did they propose virtually the same requirements in their petitions and obtain 2,000 signatures in support of their petition!

By LAGRI’s own yardstick, the proposed CRC changes are reasonable. How can the opposition object when they themselves proposed the same requirements? The irony is glaring.

I attended numerous CRC meetings and applaud those dedicated folks as they conducted their due diligence to the process in an exemplary manner. 

I support the proposed CRC Charter amendments and encourage my fellow Los Alamos citizens to support them as well.



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