Letter To The Editor: Thanks For Energetically Supporting Los Alamos Values

Los Alamos

Out of about 11,080 mail-out ballots sent for the vote for/against the mill levy supporting the schools, more than half returned their ballot to pass the levy at more than two to one. Thank you!

Where else in America is there such an involved electorate? And beyond “involved electorate,” in supporting the mill levy, our voters understand that it is education that teaches us to value our own power in and responsibility to a democracy. 

Thank you, voters. Yay. You know what your getting—technology upgrades, better ADA access, restroom and roof repairs… Oh, and remember how—since concerts, piano recitals and sing-alongs in The Lodge and Oppie’s house—this community understands how the brainwaves used in music and the arts expand those used for  science? Well, next time you go to an orchestra concert or watch the marching band and hear percussion and basses and tubas, you can grin, give a nod to our founding geniuses and say, “Us, too, Feynman! That rhythm is there thanks to me!” 

Thank you, voters, for energetically supporting the values of Los Alamos!