Letter To The Editor: Thank You To Los Alamos And White Rock Community From Greg Fisher’s Family

The family of Greg Fisher will always be grateful to the friends, neighbors, colleagues, council members, teachers, counselors, and young people who made his life and his daughter’s joyful and productive in Los Alamos and White Rock.

Your response to his tragic early death has been heartwarming, comforting, and reassuring to us. We honor each of you who played a role in Greg’s life as the County’s Economic Vitality Administrator and in the daily lives of both Greg and Maya.

Thanks especially to those who grieved alongside us. The private words and public voices of the gathering at the ski lodge will remain with us as expressions of an especially caring community and strong-hearted individuals.

Many of Greg and Maya’s neighbors brought food, comforting words, and flowers. Chamisa school staff (especially Michaelangelo Lobato and Debbie Smith) counseled us concerning our granddaughter and her future. We are grateful for her teachers, notably her art and music teachers and her dependable guide to formative ideas, the school librarian. Parents stopped by with testimonials to Greg and Maya and their loving relationship.

Some close friends have offered to stay in touch. People pitched in to get us through the physical work. We appreciate all the hours so many of you struggled alongside us to preserve memories, say goodbye, and to close the house.

The family will hold a Tucson memorial, remembering Greg’s accomplishments and special gifts on his birthday, Aug. 4. You also will be remembered then and all our lives as having come together to hold our hands in our circle of love.

Karen and Roger Dahood (parents)

Ann Vargas (sister)

Tom Fisher (brother)

Lisa Inge (fiancée)