Letter To The Editor: Thank You Thank You Thank You

Candidate, UNM-LA Advisory Board
Position 5

I would like to thank the citizens of Los Alamos for coming out in fantastic numbers to pledge their support for education.

The votes they casted in this election are not just a voice of support, but a dollar investment in the institutions that make a better community.

It seems just like yesterday that I accepted the invitation to help UNM-LA with the Mil Levy campaign by serving as chairman of Education Drives Discovery. It was a fantastic journey that allowed me to not only champion the institution that I love, but meet some wonderful people on the way.

There are two people in particular that I would like to thank.

First, I would like to thank Dr. Cindy Rooney has been a fantastic advocate for education and UNM-LA. Dr. Rooney was my marketing, economics and accounting teacher when I was working on my Associates Degree at UNM-LA. She has always had a passion for ensuring students learned the material and had a welcoming environment in the classroom. Taking the passion for education, Dr. Rooney turned to the leadership of UNM-LA. As CEO, Dr. Rooney was always happy to travel across Los Alamos to talk to anyone about how wonderful UNM-LA and what a value it is in our community. Her passion for UNM-LA was evident in all of our meetings, even after traveling from a family vacation in Australia.


I would now like to thank Laura Loy. Meeting in our Leadership Los Alamos class, Laura brought great marketing talent to the Education Drives Discovery team! Working tirelessly, Laura produced much of the marketing material we used for the campaign. Her energy and passion was great to work with. Even when deep into the campaign, she still conducted her Community Internship class at UNM-LA, served in Rotary, and is raising her daughter. Laura was simply amazing!


Of course, there are so many people I would like to thank for this effort! It was a great undertaking and every moment for UNM-LA was more than worth it!

I am so happy that over 3,000 people share my love for UNM-LA and are willing to give a small portion of their tax money to help students, like myself, continue to receive a world-class education at an affordable and comfortable environment!