Letter To The Editor: Thank You Los Alamos

Los Alamos

Thank you, Los Alamos, for mostly being careful about wearing masks and distancing.

Thank you LANL, for limiting travel and having people work from home when possible.

Some people wanted to open more in April, but many of us stepped up to get more take-out than usual to help our restaurants.

Remind everyone to pull up their masks when passing someone on trails and sidewalks.

Thank you to businesses for requiring masks and to customers for being responsible, not belligerent. 

Thank you to Governor Grisham, and Secretaries of Health and Education. They are trying to do the right limitations to keep as many of us as safe as possible.

The people disregarding safety precautions have caused the 1000% increase in new cases in this state AND the 500% increase in hospitalizations, over the last four weeks! 

Don’t blame the State government for the irresponsible actions of too many. 

I especially am concerned for our children and teens. I know they need activities and the carelessness of some is affecting everyone. Be careful, buy locally and be civil to your neighbors.