Letter To The Editor: Support For A Trap Free New Mexico

I would like to respond to the letter in support of allowing trapping in New Mexico. 
I feel it is an issue of cruelty no matter how it is justified. Hunting is nearly zero cruelty (if the hunter knows what they’re doing). But to trap an animal and let it wait for its fate to be sucker shot is unacceptable in my eyes. I don’t necessarily want to run into a predator on a hike, but that doesn’t mean I want all predators world wide destroyed. Everything has their role in the grand scheme of things.

My concern here is that we take a moment and think about what this regulation would mean in all its aspects. For example, red wolves are a very endangered species with a limited range. Recently a regulation passed that allowed the hunting of coyotes within this range. Unfortunately, several red wolves have been killed because they resemble and are being mistaken for coyotes. If more research and thought had happened before the legislation had passed then this situation may have been avoided.

As a final thought, I wonder who has ever had the pleasure of seeing a red fox? Not me, and I feel this chance would be limited even further if trapping was allowed.