Letter to the Editor: Stop Another Mistake From Being Made In LA

Los Alamos

The latest letters to the editor have addressed many blunders that have happened recently but maybe there is time to stop one more mistake from creating chaos.

I find the new purposed “brand” is so arrogant and offensive that I think it will stop people from visiting rather than attracting anyone. The old brand “Where Discoveries Are Made” is so much more appropriate than “Live Exponentially.”

The County Council needs to be stopped from spending $250,000 on this outrageous mistake. Instead, that money should be shared with all the downtown merchants who lost almost all the tourist trade dollars this summer because of the uglification of Central Avenue.

Everyone who hates the purposed brand needs to attend the Dec. 9 County Council meeting to express their opinion. If we overwhelm the room, maybe the Council will listen to the public’s wishes, for a change.