Letter To The Editor: Stolen Signs

Los Alamos

I noticed a letter to the editor, which was presented as a news article in tonight’s Post. The letter’s image was of interest as it contributed to a particular political candidate’s narrative. Nothing in the letter verified that  the stolen sign story was true.

It was a bias piece for sure, as the truth of the matter is that  many, if  not more, non-political signs have been stolen in Western Area and other parts of our community.

Our sign and many of the others did not advocate for a particular candidate, rather they were statements of personal values, such as “Love Wins”, “ Diversity is Celebrated”, and “Disabilities are Respected”.

A simple call to LAPD by your office could have created an article that could have better addressed the issue of first amendment rights from a nonpolitical perspective. I feel that is your job as editor, to present information to the community that is unbiased and nonpartisan, or is the Post a partisan publication?

FYI – I filed a report with LAPD and the responding officer indicated that about 20 of the types of sign I described were stolen, as of about three weeks ago. Some were recovered on Barranca Mesa. As you are likely aware, there are no signs available locally for any presidential candidate other than the republican nominee. Here again, a simple call to the local political parties would have uncovered this information.

With this in mind, I remind you that your publication has a responsibility to provide some manner of balance in what is posted as articles. The letter I reference only misleads and contributes to the false narrative that only Trump signs are being stolen. Think about the larger misleading implications please.

In this time of charged political viewpoints, I believe all journalist have an obligation to not miss the rest of the story, which in this case could create a better story and broader nonpartisan narrative.

Respectfully submitted.