Letter to the Editor: Some People Are Medically Unable To Be Vaccinated

Los Alamos

I have to respond to Erica Wissinger’s letter concerning vaccinations. Perhaps she doesn’t realize that a number of those who are not vaccinated for measles are medically unable to be vaccinated – they are infants, cancer patients on chemo, or those who have otherwise compromised immune systems. So the concern is for those folks – not for those who refuse to vaccinated. No one is panicking that the rest of us, who were duly vaccinated in the past, will catch measles.

“Herd immunity”, as you say was invented by the “health authorities”, is actually a term taken from nature – actual herds of animals (imagine that!). It doesn’t mean that everyone is vaccinated, just that enough people are so that the disease, if it occurs, dies out in the herd before it has a chance to spread.

Vaccines do work, which is why measles hasn’t reared its ugly head until recently, when enough of the “anti-vaxxers” or “pro-measles” people refused to get vaccinated. I was really surprised that so many people in this enlightened town are not vaccinated – really? Hopefully there aren’t any “measles parties” going on in this scientific community.

I don’t want to verbally bully anyone. I just hope that people become a little more well-informed before making medical decisions that can impact the safety of others. Measles are highly contagious, and there’s really no reason, in the year 2015, that we are allowed to infect others just because we want to. If you choose to not be vaccinated, contract the measles and recover just fine – well, that’s not okay, because there are others who may contract it from you who can’t recover.