Letter To The Editor: Skate Park Youth Are Awesome!

Los Alamos

My 10-year-old son had a decent size fall at the skate park after school on Wednesday afternoon. He fell and smashed his face into the concrete and two young men (high school, maybe?) called 911, used their own sweatshirts to stop the bleeding, and then got a hold of my husband at work to tell him to come over to the skate park.

I want the community to know what awesome kids these are, I want their parents to know what a great job they did dealing with a stressful situation, and I want them to know how much I appreciate their willingness and quick response to the accident.

My son got seven stitches, broke two teeth in half, and is quickly recovering.

I’d like to personally thank these young men, so if anyone knows who they are or if they want to give me the opportunity to thank them in person, I would really appreciate it! It takes a village. Monica Witt 505.795.2884. Text or call me!