Letter To The Editor: Signs And Symbols

White Rock

Dear Neighbors:

During the election season, many of you placed yard signs in front of your houses, hung flags, and expressed your preference for local, state and national candidates.

As I walked around White Rock, I enjoyed seeing those expressions of opinion and of loyalty for one candidate or another. Many people now have signs in their yards expressing their core beliefs, alongside seasonal decorations and variations on the American flag. I especially enjoyed seeing the diversity of opinions expressed, as it reflected who we are as a community.

We value freedom of expression in this country, but that freedom has limits – we may not express hatred, and we cannot threaten lives. The meaning of your sign supporting Trump has changed since violent insurrectionists stormed the Capitol, carrying Trump banners and Confederate flags. Those insurrectionists were egged on by the President himself. The symbolism has changed.

There are two exceptionally large Trump signs in White Rock, coincidentally located near the two elementary schools. They are located on private property, and one is protected by a security camera.

As one neighbor to another, I would politely ask you to take down the very large Trump signs that face outward on your fences. These are clearly confrontational and designed to intimidate.

What was once a simple expression of preference for a candidate or support for the President has now become a statement about overthrowing a duly elected government. What was once a simple expression of enthusiasm for a candidate and a rallying cry to like-minded supporters has now become a statement that the entire electoral system is not to be trusted (unless one’s preferred candidate happens to win.) Banners and signs that were carried on January 6 have become symbols for the insurrection, and those symbols are both confrontational and frightening.

Thank you for your consideration.