Letter To The Editor: School Ballot – Walk It In Monday Or Tuesday – Please vote Yes!

Los Alamos County Councilor, neighbor and concerned school supporter
This is a last-minute call out to please vote in the School Bond election by walking your ballot in to the County Clerk’s Office, and please vote yes! Especially if you are inclined to vote yes, you might think “everyone else will vote”. Please be one of those who do. Mail-in elections have much smaller turn-out, and this one is important!
If this bond fails, and your house is appraised at $300,000-, you will save $10 – a month. If it passes, your taxes stay the same.
This bond is the way (and the only way) our schools pay for:
  • art room supplies
  • music room supplies
  • PE supplies
  • computers for the kids
  • sports equipment for team sports
  • smaller maintenance projects  (painting school walls, etc)
  • emergency maintenance needs (i.e. a furnace goes out)
Ballots are due in the Clerk’s office by Tuesday (not just post marked by then!). Please walk it in to the Los Alamos County Municipal Building at 10th and Central – 2nd Floor – Clerk’s Office.
For those who are on the fence, or who don’t have kids in the picture, or whose kids are grown, or who otherwise do not have direct involvement with the public schools – I would like to encourage them to consider that the quality of the public school system affects the quality of the community. This is true in many ways, but especially true in Los Alamos – where if the public school system does not stay healthy, the Lab loses its ability to recruit and retain the best and brightest. I know from experience, helping people buy homes in Los Alamos, that many families move here, or are especially interested in taking a job at the Lab, because of the current quality of our school system.
Without supplies for the art, music, PE and computer programs … these are programs that greatly enrich our children’s education and even ability to learn, and would be a serious setback to the quality of the education program to lose. 
I hope for those who have not voted, you can root through your mail pile, find the time to stop by the Muni Building to drop off your ballot, and please vote Yes!