Letter To The Editor: Response To ‘Sign Of The Times Spotted In Local Yard This Morning’

Western Area resident


In response to the photograph in the Los Alamos Daily Post on June 20 (link), showing a White Rock resident’s “sign of the times”, I would like to mention that I had an identical sign in my front yard in the Western Area. I say “had” because someone removed my sign during the night of Friday, June 19.

I’d like to hope that whoever took my sign liked it so much that he wanted it for his own front yard. Of course, it’s also possible that it was stolen from my property, which constitutes theft.
I’m sad and angry about this, whatever the reason. If a passer-by does not agree with the
sentiments on my sign, that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to a point of view and I’d be glad to have an intelligent conversation with that person. Removing it will not change my mind, nor would leaving it there
be likely to change someone else’s mind. Either way, I have the right to express my views on my own property.
I know I’m not the only person in the Western Area whose sign was removed. If they were taken maliciously, these were cowardly acts by someone who feels threatened by our views. I know we are capable of expressing different views peacefully in Los Alamos and this is not the way to contradict mine.
Return of my sign would be appreciated!

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