Letter To The Editor: Response To Katy Korkos Opposition To Political Signs On Private Property

1st Vice Chair
Los Alamos Republican Party

I believe Katy’s reasons for stifling free speech are misplaced (link).

It has been the practice of the Left’s propaganda media and cheerleaders, during Donald Trump’s campaign and presidency, to set up extreme straw men, ascribing false actions and intents to him, and then to assault him in the media for their made up stories. Katy’s letter is marketing this same falsehood, and ascribing it to the homeowners who are expressing their political positions.

It is very clear to anyone with a level head and listening ear that the President believes that the election was not fair. He believes that both art and fraud were employed to deprive him and his supporters of a second term. He and they wanted that fact to register with the Congress and the public, encouraging Congress to carefully examine those claims. Rallies were held and encouraged in order to make that free speech statement.

Before and during the Capitol rally, the president made a number of public statements demanding that such gatherings and statements be peaceful and law abiding. At no time did he publicly encourage riot, much less insurrection. He should not be charged with crimes by extremists of either stripe, particularly when they may include false flag attacks.

For you to assign support for riot or insurrection to the political signs of others is disingenuous and wrong. You are really saying that anyone who does not agree with you should be suppressed.

The statement that the owners of the Trump signs are expressing may be that we need an open and deep examination of the election process, across the board.

I agree with that statement. If the election process has become tainted, then those fraudulent methods can be misused in either direction. These are knives that cut both ways. If this election is clean, then it will be stabilizing to shine a light on it and to understand, with clarity, not with hyperbole and posturing, what happened and how those things were legal and right. If there is dishonesty, then let’s fix it.

To preempt a frequent assertion, those election integrity claims have not been examined in detail in open court, with sufficient investigation, discovery, cross examination or deliberation. Similar issues of fraud in business require a significant amount of investigation using the power and authority of the courts and law enforcement to get to the truth of the matter.

Most of the reasons many of the cases filed by the President’s team and by other interested parties have been rejected by the courts have been because of issues of standing, not of fact or right or wrong.

The claims of collusion falsely made by the liberal politicians to undermine President Trump’s presidency were examined in detail, discussed and debated by Congress and eventually proven false. Let’s have as thorough an examination of this election integrity issue.

This issue will not easily go away.