Letter To The Editor: Response To Gun Law Letter

Los Alamos

Well isn’t this different … an anti-gunner (letter) who spouts off not knowing anything about present Federal Fire Arms Laws that are already being enforced in America.

Let me first say that evil will always find a way to raise its head and bad guys don’t want to obey the law so to believe that they are not a threat is complete naivete! Criminals do not obey the law!

First off buying an arsenal on the Internet is pretty much impossible as anyone who wants to purchase a firearm over the web will find it shipped to a Licensed Federal Firearms Dealer. Then a proper background check will be done before the purchaser will be given the firearm. The days of Lee Harvey Oswald buying a rifle via mail order to assassinate the President does not exist any more.

It’s obvious that you are passionate about this issue but why do you single out the gun issue as though it was the major cause of death in America? Drunk/drugged driving kills at least 10 times more people a year not to mention maiming that many as well. Axes, baseball bats and knives kill many more people than guns do each year but I don’t see you complaining about them.

And at the top of the list is medical malpractice that leaves close to 900,000 peoples lives a year either dead or non functional. Why aren’t you on the medical malpractice band wagon? 

What it really amounts to is that our government and biased media want an unarmed population so they can take total control over the population and remove the possibility of another American revolt like the one against England from ever taking place again. The issues of the enormous amount of people being killed by firearms is all very trumped up as the real totals of people being killed is miniscule compared to the above listed examples. Firearm deaths just get all the media coverage but the real total numbers just don’t add up.

And why do you pick on the one organization that does more to train police and the average American in proper gun use and safety. Yes the NRA is a gun lobby but my whole family as well as myself and any friends have benefited by this organizations safety programs and the like. Almost every hunter safety training course in America uses some form of material produced by the NRA. Yet you act as though the NRA is handing out guns to violent mentally ill people! If American law enforcement enforced the present laws that are on the books the gun problems would be drastically reduced.

I’m sorry but your emotional appeals for more irrational gun laws just do not make sense especially when there are many other issues taking MANY MORE LIVES than gun violence. You just happened to get on the wrong band wagon!


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