Letter To The Editor: Response To Dr. Neeper

Los Alamos
This is a brief reply to Dr. Neeper’s recent letter (link). First of all, I did not suggest that people should go to work for private industry. I suggested that they form their own companies and go to work for themselves. That way you set your own corporate values, and those values can help restore credibility to science. That’s a little different than working for R J Reynolds.
I also think that volunteering is great, but volunteering isn’t going to create research jobs. We need to grow research, and taking the entrepreneurial route is one way to do that. It isn’t going to solve all of our problems, but it will help.
Finally, from Dr. Neeper’s comments on his work experience there is one corporate value that our company has which Dr. Neeper might not want to embrace. At our company it is the responsibility of the management (me) to clean the toilets. That insures that the management does something useful at least once a week.