Letter to the Editor: Response Regarding the Funding of the Art Work at UNMLA

Director, Business Operations
UNM Los Alamos

Initiated in 2005, UNM Los Alamos was able to secure capital improvement funding for some small projects from the 2006 GO Bond and also the 2008 Severance Tax allotments. Combining all the resources to meet the designated capital improvements resulted in the construction of Wallace Hall and the complete renovation of the Flo Science wing. 

As required for all capital improvement projects, 1 percent of funding was automatically earmarked for Art in Public Places. This amounted to $12,500 and not enough to make a big impact on the Los Alamos Campus. The long term goal for UNM Los Alamos was to create another gathering place on campus, one the students and community could enjoy. With the remodel of Mesa Field by Los Alamos Public Schools and the design of Wallace Hall for larger events, a commissioned work seemed an appropriate way finder to this part of campus. 

The New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, New Mexico Art in Public Places, provided additional funding to UNM Los Alamos and awarded a commissioned piece to further engage the community to attend opportunities at UNM Los Alamos. No UNM Los Alamos operational funds were used for the art, and UNM-LA student government contributed $7,000 for the hardscape.  


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