Letter To The Editor: Reject Partisan Council Candidate

Los Alamos

Before I read David Reagor’s opinion piece in the July 2 Los Alamos Daily Post (link), I would have supposed it unlikely that candidates in Los Alamos would be morally unfit to hold office. But Reagor’s “inciteful” appeal to national politics in order to prove Democrats, as a whole, are debased, officious Liberals, convinced me otherwise.

Indeed! I was immediately persuaded that, there is an irredeemably unqualified person running for the Los Alamos County Council this year: David Reagor.

But please don’t take my own judgement as your guide. I simply urge you to read his very own(?) opinion piece and decide for yourself: click here.

As you will see, his argument is that Democrats, as a whole, are morally unfit to hold office. He supports this with a tenuous anecdote about Minneapolis politics stretched into an atomically thin line of strawmen-fallacies to proclaim “Progressive Democrats abandon the moral code of Abraham Lincoln”!  He implies that he is the true channeler of the acumen of Lincoln.

I certainly don’t want anyone in office that blanket-labels half the country’s eligible voters as morally unfit. Do you?

And would Lincoln himself, the man with the Team-of-Rivals cabinet spanning political parties, have thought that?

So by all means, do read his own(?) words and forward them to your friends: click here.

Oh. and by the way, it appears David Reagor’s inciteful insights are not of his own ratiocination but rather are just cliff notes lifted straight from group-think reactionary talking points; even his phrases regurgitate memos you can google on-line. For example, see the Conservopedia: https://www.conservapedia.com/Defund_the_Police and compare his cribbed reasoning.

Since most challenges addressed by the Los Alamos County Council lack easy answers to be found in sanctimonious partisanship, perhaps we need someone else. Someone else with a naturally collaborative approach appropriate to a community council.


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