Letter To The Editor: Refer Respectfully To Dr. Krohn

Los Alamos

Re: Dustin Johnson’s letter about the use of Nazism and his defense of Planned Parenthood. I note that he improperly, perhaps in an attempt to delegitimize Jacqueline Krohn’s work in our community, refers to her as “Ms. Krohn.”

One who is not so lacking in intellectual rigor would recognize the suffixes used with her name, i.e. MD, MPH.

Whether or not one agrees with her, she is properly addressed as Dr. Krohn and acknowledged for her Medical doctorate and Master’s degree in Public Health (the standard definitions of those acronyms).

She is a pediatrician in practice here since, I believe, the 1980s, and with those credentials, she is very qualified to comment on medical issues.

I would suggest that before Mr. Johnson hits the keyboard, he do his research on such details, and further that when he does begin typing, he avoid terminology like “underhanded tactics and misdirection”, which do not promote dialogue and understanding in this country.


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