Letter To The Editor: Read Entire Letter…

Los Alamos
Do any of you actually read the entire Letter to the Editor before submitting a rebuttal?
One of you barely made it past the first sentence before submitting a response! You get fixated on one thing and the rest of the letter gets ignored. So, make an honest effort and read this entire letter and educate yourself before submitting more foolish comments and proving your ignorance on the subject.
In previous letters, you yourself inadvertently admit that it is the user not the gun that’s the problem. Guns haven’t changed. People have changed. Behavior that is accepted from today’s young people was not acceptable in previous generations. Today’s kids have become spoiled entitled brats.
Law-abiding gun owners have proposed a considerable amount of ideas and solutions (many of which have been implemented around the country) but from you, all we hear is the same old diatribe. You have proven time and again that you know nothing about the current laws and the guns you’re trying to ban. You refuse to listen or sit down for an open honest discussion without getting abusive.
There is no such thing as an “ASSAULT WEAPON” or “ASSAULT RIFLE”. It is a politically contrived term with no real meaning. There are all kinds of firearms – none of which qualify under this vague, weaponized term and is a clear sign you don’t know what you’re talking about.
An actual “Assault Rifle” is a rapid-fire, magazine-fed AUTOMATIC rifle designed for infantry use. The AR-15, that big black scary gun, is a SEMI-automatic rifle. It is NOT a “weapon of war”. Never has been and never will be. Not one Military Force in the world uses them for combat.
I’m not sure if you and other liberals are able to comprehend that EVERY single one of these mass shootings, murders, and gun-related crimes showcase the complete disregard for any of our existing gun laws. It is illegal to murder one or more innocent people for any reason. It is illegal to bring a firearm to a school. It is illegal to discharge a firearm in a school or within city limits. These are just a few of the major laws broken at every single school shooting. Yet you and others ironically believe that more laws that you are proposing will be the ones mass murderers will actually follow.
Big secret: gun control leaders make big bucks off your movement to ban guns. They write books and get paid to appear at rallies. For them, it’s a stepping stone to fame and riches. We see liberals are all nonsense, no substance. These “die-ins” and marches accomplish nothing. “Gun Free Zones” only get people killed. You can only push a fake narrative so far. Reality does have a way of correcting liberal errors.
Every time we try explaining why gun control won’t work you literally stick your fingers in your ears. You spend a lot of time complaining but your actual efforts to curb gun violence are pretty much limited to just that. And of course, demanding Congress pass a bunch of gun laws that are already on the books or calling for an assault weapon ban that failed when it was tried during the Clinton years will accomplish nothing. Take measures to secure our schools (and other public places), arm the public, and prosecute criminals. Banning guns will only empower criminals, leaving the rest of us defenseless.
You can only go by the garbage that Liberal Politicians, gun control groups, and the Mainstream Media outlets put in your heads. Do some actual research from unbiased sources. In a world that rewards quick reactions and fake news over deep thought and considered debate, it’s time to become a force for change by preparing a sturdy foundation for a more rounded worldview.
Guns alone cannot be blamed for violent acts, even if those acts involve the use of a firearm. You will never hear about the thousands of lives SAVED because someone legally owned a firearm. This doesn’t fit the MSM’s narrative, so it won’t be reported.
As for mass shootings, the propaganda of the Left will not save lives. Studies have shown that 80 percent of crimes are committed with illegally obtained guns, “gun control” is a euphemism that won’t stop the deranged person’s intent on killing or doing you harm. You refuse to acknowledge the real causes for mass shootings and that’s YOU as parents. The fact is prevention starts at home. Quit being your child’s friend and start being their parent.
The real tragedy is that you yourself bring nothing new to the table. You simply parrot the same, uninformed, idiotic talking points of every other liberal.
Like the rest of the gun control clan, you know little about firearms, nor have any experience using one. You know you can’t convince older Americans to embrace your socialist-inspired views on gun control. So, like the rest of the left, you want to marginalize and vilify the people you can’t win over. You spout the same, tired talking points that Democrats and Gun Control Advocates always use.
You spend a lot of time complaining but your actual efforts to curb gun violence are pretty much limited to just that. Demanding Congress pass a bunch of gun laws that are already on the books or calling for an “assault weapon” ban that failed when it was tried during the Clinton years is another nonsensical approach that will accomplish nothing.
Gun owners and the NRA are NOT the enemy. We have, and will continue, to propose and implement ways to curb the violence we see in our country without the risk of individual’s losing their God-given right to self-preservation. Lose your fixation on the tools used in these crimes and help us come up with real solutions. Or continue to do what you’re doing – maybe if you keep screaming loud enough gun violence will go away.