Letter To The Editor: Quit Worrying About Who Is On The Other Side

Los Alamos
Beware of politicians who promise big things, talk about future successes as a a sure thing, and whose surrogates find it necessary to “call the other side out” in opinion pieces.
Neither Lisa Shin or Chris Chandler are perfect, or even good candidates. Both are making promises they cannot and will not keep. Both are standing on platforms of ideals only – but then again aren’t all politicians?
The ideals our chosen candidate espouses will most likely be forgotten when the winner of the race is tossed into the meat grinder that is the New Mexico State Legislature.
Instead of asking, “Where are the true Republicans(or Democrats)”? Why not dispense with the politics of fear and division and instead of calling out our opponents?  
Let’s try and persuade people to our chosen side. Fear seems to be a commodity in great excess in any political contest. Frankly, I am tired of being held hostage to hyperbole, invective, and division. Choose your candidate, tell us why you like them, not what is wrong with the other side. Go vote, and take a friend or two with you (then go out to lunch afterward – everything is better with lunch).
The last few years in Los Alamos politics have been toxic. Can we all step it up a bit, and not worry about who the “other side” has for a candidate? Tell me why are you voting for your guy or gal. That’s what I’d like to see and hear. Any rhetoric beyond that is worn out political gamesmanship and should be fully ignored.