Letter to the Editor: Questions and Concerns About Los Alamos Police Department

Los Alamos
I attended the recent public session to meet and listen to the five candidates applying for our chief of police position.
I understood prior to the session that the public would be allowed to ask questions of the candidates – which turned out not to be the case. Also, the questionnaire provided by the County at the public session simply allowed citizens to check a box indicating their choice of candidate with a section for comments related to that candidate.
So I decided to ask the two questions of which I believe the public has a right to know the answers to. I provided each candidate with a written copy of these questions, which I would have liked them to address at the session.
As a homeowner and taxpayer in Los Alamos County since 1970, I have the following concerns I would like to ask the candidates and have answered:
Question 1: How do you plan to address the fact that a Los Alamos Police Detective is being allowed to “work” from home with full pay and benefits – of which my tax dollars pay for. See the story published in the June 9, 2013 edition of the Los Alamos Daily Post. This is very concerning for me and the public’s safety.
Question 2: How can the Los Alamos County Administration justify selecting a non-certified police/law enforcement officer to serve as acting police chief when there were three Los Alamos Police Commanders on the force who could/should have been selected?

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