Letter to the Editor: Public Shaming Should Stop

Los Alamos
The posting of mugshots and names from the Police Beat (Los Alamos Police Blotter) and Local Courts Docket in the Los Alamos Monitor and Los Alamos Daily Post should be stopped.

Although we should all be aware of crime in our community, we do not need to list the names and post images of every person suspected of a crime or involved in a traffic violation. Many of these people may be found not guilty later, and these listings will be searchable for years to come.

This could affect future careers, especially of young people, as colleges are now performing internet searches of prospective students (see http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/10/business/they-loved-your-gpa-then-they-saw-your-tweets.html?ref=admissions&_r=0 ).

In our previous county, the local paper would print arrest information without naming individuals or showing mugshots. The public shaming of individuals who have not actually been convicted of a crime is an outdated, unfair, and unjust practice that should stop in Los Alamos.