Letter To The Editor: Poor Traffic Control Caused Mobile Home Traffic Jam

Coming from White Rock yesterday, I was caught in the mobile home traffic jam. While of course frustrated with the mobile home tractor driver’s poor judgement and even worse driving ability, I bit the bullet, turned around, and drove back around through the lab and down the truck route to head home to Santa Fe.
What really frosts me, and what I am writing about, is the poor response from the Los Alamos Police Department (LAPD). When I initially turned around on Hwy 4, the Hwy 4/truck route intersection was open and moving. As I approached the intersection from the truck route, I was AGAIN stopped by unmoving traffic. The intersection was not blocked by the mobile home, IT WAS BLOCKED BY LAPD to provide unrestricted wrecker access(?) to the stalled mobile home. 
I (and hundreds of other drivers) once again NEEDLESSLY turned around and drove through Los Alamos to get off the hill. At the top of the truck route, the LAPD had the eastbound lanes blocked, AFTER we had all already proceeded down the truck route only to get stopped and turned around.
A little training in traffic control and emergency response by the LAPD is much needed and would be MUCH APPRECIATED! There is no reason the intersection had to be closed, and funnel ALL traffic through Los Alamos.

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