Letter To The Editor: Please, Vote To Restore Our Democracy

Formerly of Los Alamos
Santa Fe

Trump’s campaign is a Halloween nightmare, based on scare tactics. But with no sweet rewards at the end of the night. 

You’re smart enough to see through the staging. It’s an easy check to see this is not the best economy ever, or that he’s done more for minorities than anyone else, or that he’s made America great again. 

Why suppress votes if you actually believed in democracy?

Consider what Republicans have unraveled – we’re actually moving backwards. If you question vs simply following, you’ll see why so many prominent and not-so-prominent Republicans are voting Democrat this time. They’re not switching parties, and Democrats are far from perfect.

There are no perfect people, and no perfect candidates. But there are certainly differences, including an authentic grasp on reality, and actions that incorporate empathy and understanding in addressing issues faced by America.

Please, vote to restore our democracy. Vote Democrat.

Editor’s note: Readers are encouraged to fact check statements made in letters and opinion pieces.