Letter To The Editor: Please Vote … And Please Vote For Judge Alan Kirk!

By Linda and Paul Daly
Los Alamos

We hope our community will join us in re-electing Judge Alan Kirk as our Municipal Court Judge for a sixth term. He’s served our community extremely well over the past 60 years, first as Police Chief and then, for 20 plus years, as our judge.

Kirk was one of the founders of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and has served as its chair for over 16 years. Our JJAB is a benchmark and a model program for other communities. The Los Alamos JJAB has a particular emphasis on prevention programs for youth, as well as intervention.

Kirk is known for saying, “Take the programs to the kids,” and it was that conviction that led the way for the Los Alamos Teen Center. He, along with many community members, realized that a dedicated and funded place for teens was needed along with funded programs for teens. Kirk was instrumental in its establishment—he also ensured that teens had a voice in the CIP process. We’ve seen important youth programs like Los Alamos Youth Leadership, Youth Mobilizers, After Prom/Homecoming Parties housed at the LATC and funded by JJAB.

Kirk is distinguished in his service as a judge, as noted by his appointments to the Chief Judges Council and the State Judicial Information Oversight Board. He is a respected leader here and among his judicial peers. We’re most impressed by his dedication to the youth of our community. While his longstanding selfless community service as demonstrated by his leadership of JJAB is not the responsibility of a Municipal Court judge, it speaks to the character and heart of this man.

Please vote, and please vote for Judge Kirk! www.alankirk2018.com