Letter to the Editor: People Should Celebrate Success

By David Jones
Los Alamos

After many years in small business enterprises, I’m now trying to help entrepreneurs survive long enough to generate cash flow.

My passion for building homegrown businesses and creating jobs means that I want to know how political candidates plan to facilitate the success of growing businesses.

I personally know (Rep.) Jim Hall and have asked him many questions. I believe he has many good ideas and he is clearly committed to this area and it’s economic development.

(House Dist. 43 candidate) Stephanie (Garcia) Richard has also spoken with me and I’ve asked her similar questions.

The fact that Richard espouses homegrown business is good. My concern is that her support is only for “the little guy” and does not extend to successful entrepreneurs.

As I read her ads, and ads produced by her supporters (I completely understand that she is not responsible for PAC ads) there is a strong theme that the owners of big successful businesses are bad, possibly evil, and they are hurting the economy.

In order for New Mexico to have jobs, there need to be people who are willing to put all of their resources on the line to create them.

If the owners of thriving businesses are made to look like the bad guy, then how can we expect our economy to grow?

People should celebrate success and we should respect the difficult times that people go through to become successful.

Instead of resenting successful (and wealthy) business people we should strive to emulate them. They are the ones who make capitalism and free market enterprise work.


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