Letter To The Editor: Our Greatest Asset Is Something We Can’t Build Or Develop …

Los Alamos

Dear Los Alamos County Councilors,

First I would like to say that while I am a member of the Planning and Zoning Commission, I do not intend to represent the views of the commission.

I wholeheartedly support the Open Space Management Plan and I am thankful to the county and community members who have devoted so much time and effort to this endeavor.

Many of us want great things for our town: a vibrant downtown, restaurants, more shopping, nicer houses … but our greatest asset is something we can’t build or develop. It is, however, something we really need to make sure that we protect. 

Our open space is our treasure and it is one of the ways that Los Alamos is truly unique. This really is a special place. Is there any other town where science and technology, great schools, music, art and a wonderfully diverse community of residents all come together in such an awe-inspiring backyard?

I hope the County Council will support the Open Space Management Plan and by doing so, make an important statement about the commitment to the value we as a community place on our greatest treasure.


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